Emily and Matt are total badasses!! I love them! I had so much fun working with them because they completely embraced the concept of allowing an artist freedom to create. There are two ingredients for great wedding photography: the first is that the couple has fun with each other and the second is that they love and appreciate their photographer. Emily and Matt were absolutely perfect to work with.


When I first met Emily and Matt; they were accompanied by Emily’s parents Bob and Li. It was a pleasure talking to all of them about the wedding plans and what I could do for them. From the start they told me that Emily and Matt were going to be out of town and that Bob and Li would be doing all the planning. When I hear about parents taking on the full job of planning a wedding; I always get a little concerned because I know how overwhelming it can be. I was just worried about their sanity :-).


We had the opportunity to meet a few more times after that and Bob and Li just blew me away with their calmness, organization and overall happiness. They are now on my wall of fame as the best BPUs (Bridal Parental Units) ever.


Venue Hotel Valley Ho
Make-up by Sarah Sanmarco
Floral and A/V by Avant Garde Studio
Officiant: Father Ron Poston
Cake: La Dolce Pesca PJ
Reception Music: Desert House Productions, DJ Dave and Drea

I had the great pleasure having Dexter Lo of Dexter Lo Photography fly in from San Diego to be my second photographer; he did a great job. I also want to thank Oscar Morales for assisting me with the assembly of the Badass Booth and also for getting some great shots as a third shooter..

Emily’s shoes

Valley Ho Hotel Wedding Photos

Valley Ho Hotel Wedding Photos

Valley Ho Hotel Wedding Photos

I love this shot of Matt by Dexter Lo:

Valley Ho Hotel Wedding Photos

Emily on her way to see Matt for the first time that day:

Valley Ho Hotel Wedding Photos

Photo by Dexter Lo:

Photo by Dexter Lo:

The Valley Ho hosts a great pool party every Saturday and these two girls wandered by and were caught up in the emotion of the wedding day:

Photo by Oscar Morales:

Photo by Oscar  Morales

Photo by Oscar Morales:

Photo by Dexter Lo:

Bob and Li requested a special showing of the wedding images from the day for the guests to see during the reception:

The debut of the Badass Booth:

Emily had too much of her shoes by the end of the night:

Nice shot of the Valley Ho by Dexter Lo:



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