Jennifer and Brian’s wedding rocked!  These two have so much love for each other and that love was magnified and amplified by all of their friends and family surrounding them.  The wedding took place in Jennifer’s parents backyard, and if you know me, you know how I love a backyard throwdown!!!  Their vows were beautiful and emotional as were the toasts.  To be in a group of people with this much love and such strong connections is what makes me love this job so much.   Thank you Jennifer and Brian for choosing me as your photographer.  It was my pleasure.

Photo by Kelly.

Jennifer’s mom giving her a lotta love during the getting ready.

Bridesmaid love.  Photo by Kelly.

Love from dad.

Big bridesmaid circle of love!  Photo by Kelly.

Brian is a riot.

Brian gearing up for the first encounter.  Photo by Kelly.


These two are mad for each other.

Jennifer rocking the light.  Photo by Kelly.

Jennifer’s brother was the officiant and he was fantastic.  Photo by Kelly.

Post ceremony love!

And a little gangnam style!!!

Once you start, you can’t stop!

Family love circle.

Jennifer’s dad’s toast left no dry eyes in the house.

Jennifer and Brian had an ice cream truck.  It was delicious!

Bud light makes Brian angry.  ;)

Not only do Jennifer and Brian excel at love but they also kick some butt at beer pong.



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