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An album for Mercedes

Completing and delivering an album is very exciting and also a little sad. The album is the culmination of a long working relationship with my clients. Everything starts with an email inquiry followed by an interview, then we have pre-wedding meetings preparing for W-day. After photographing the wedding, I have the great pleasure of editing/processing the images to complete the vision for the photographic collection. Uploading, for the first time, the images to my blog (including the slideshow); is also a very exciting time for my clients and me. That is when my clients see their images for the first time. A couple of days later they get to see all of the images on my proofing page and they also receive the disks with all of the high resolution files.

Around this time is when we start the album design process. My clients have the very difficult job of making the image selection. Weeks later the design layout goes online for review. My clients then have the chance to make as many changes as they would like (free of charge). It is very, very important to me that an album does not go into production until my clients are 100% satisfied with the design. Sadly, when the album is completed my contract obligations have been met; and it also means that we don’t have any more meetings or conferences scheduled. So I can not help but feel just a little bit sad about that. At the same time, I feel good that it is the start of a friendship that goes beyond what is stated on my contract.

Working with Mercedes and Matt was such a pleasure; we met a few times to discuss album types and layouts. Because they live in town, it was easy to do this and I love Mercedes’ cookies too :-) Yesterday I delivered the album to Mercedes and Matt; what a great feeling to see Mercedes’s eyes get so bright with delight. I left their house with a strong feeling that I will see them again someday.

The album that Mercedes and Matt received is a new style of album that I recently added to my product list. This is a beautiful 10×8 album with photographic print pages and an amazing canvas metallic finish photographic cover.

Inside the album: One of Mercedes’ favorite images on the right.

One of my favorite layouts in the album.

Excellent construction.

Mercedes gave me this thank you card as I was leaving their house. It made my day!!!

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