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I shot Nicole and Rick’s wedding a few years ago and to this day they are one of my favorite couples ever. I  was super excited when Ricky hired me for a photo session with their family than now includes a beautiful 2 year old girl that is full of energy and love. Here are a few photos from the session. Thank you!!




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I was looking back through some images recently and I realized that I love photographing my couples; before during and after their weddings.  I wanted to share some of my favorite images from my favorite non-wedding sessions.  I love to have fun with my couples, always.  Before the wedding, engagement sessions are a great opportunity to create incredible images while getting to know my clients a little more before the wedding.  After the wedding sessions are a great way to stay in contact and create some very edgy and interesting work.  All sessions are a good time to make my couple look amazing and have fun. Another very important thing to me is to make every photo session as unique as possible, I prefer not to do the same things over again. I don’t event want to copy myself :-).



The following images are from a session I did for my clients Jessica and Casey after their wedding.  The session was at their house in Tucson.  It was a day in the life session with a Sergio twist.

Casey loves to cook so we did some work in the kitchen.

What’s for dinner, honey? I put a flash inside the fridge :-)

Casey and Jessica’s wedding was some years ago but we are good friends. Jessica looks amazing here!

Jessica and Casey have 2 dogs that they love a lot.  This is Milo.

This next e-session of my clients, Lauren and Mark, was also at their house.  I love to incorporate real life.  Mark and Lauren had an awesome in-ground trampoline in their backyard.  And two hilarious dogs,  Espy and Rbi.

Dogs love attention :-).

I work closely with my brides and grooms to find a location that is not just pretty, but that means something.  It doesn’t always have to be their house.  Alexis and Ace picked this drive-in because they go there often and it is one of their favorite spots.  Not to mention the cool factor.

Alexis and Ace in her green VW bug waiting for the first feature of the night.. I bought them popcorn. 

For Lindsay and Andrew, Lindsay’s mom’s house provided the perfect setting for their engagement session.  Here in the living room Andrew is  jumping with joy.

In Lindsay’s mom’s backyard.

I love what this photo says about their love.

Molly and Carl are very cool.  We chose 4th ave for their pre-wedding session for the color and funk.

I asked Carl to casually walk in front of this mural and we nailed it!

Drew and Andy’s engagement session was my first womanless engagement session. It was amazing.  This photo is taken in a stairwell.

And these are in the parking garage.  You just never know where I am going to find inspiration.  :) This is one of my favorite engagement photos ever. We only used the illumination of the garage.

Jenny and James are super playful.  I wanted to capture that during the e-session and they made it easy for me.  James moustache played an important role in this shoot.

No tricks or  special effects here.

Jacquie and Andy’s session was in downtown Phoenix.

I work with what I see.  This photo makes me laugh out loud.

I am always so excited to hear of my clients having children.  Nothing makes me happier than reuniting for a family session.

How cute is this little dude!

My most recent session with Ashley and Brandon was great because Ashley was a little nervous about being photographed.  She is just stunning and I loved photographing her.  Their wedding is in November and I know that Ashley is not nervous anymore!  We are going to rock!!

We shot this downtown Phoenix also.

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