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Ashley and Brandon’s wedding was so much fun and they both looked amazing. Ashley’s blusher and  necklace  were spectacular! Their engagement session(earlier in the year) is one of my favorites, I knew that I was going to love their wedding too. Their venue, The Inspirador in Chandler, was stunning. It was my first time working there and I was so impressed with the excellent service and installation. Flowers and decor by the geniuses at Avant Garde Studio. Their DJ was sooo good, Adrian Diaz. Makeup provided by Makeup by Amanda.

The reception rocked hard and Ashley danced like I have never seen a bride dance before. I am so happy that we had a chance to photograph this wedding. Kelly Rashka was my phenomenal guest photographer.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the day:


Tom Cruise checking out Ashley getting ready at Chandler’s San Marcos Resort. (Photo by Kelly)

Ashley’s mom was fantastic!  (Photo by Kelly)

(Photo by Kelly)

I love this photo so much. (Photo by Kelly)

Ashley reading a note from Brandon. (Photo by Kelly)

Ashley’s  brother Adam was amazingly helpful and always there.

Ashley gave Brandon a rosary that day. (Photo by Kelly)

Brandon waiting for the first look.

Ashley on the way there…(Photo by Kelly)


Stunning! (Photo by Kelly)

One of my fave portraits!

The Inspirador has this awesome fireplace that is great for portraits.  :) (Photo by Kelly)

I don’t know who was more nervous; Ashley or her brother, Adam.  :)

(Photo by Kelly)

More goosebumps!

The kiss!!

(Photo by Kelly)

Adam’s toast.

Best man’s toast :-)

So cute!

Sexy leg contest.

Dj Adrian Diaz keepin’ the party jumpin’.

A jump rope made completely out of glow sticks!!!

Dropping it low, low, low!


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